I’ve accepted a new job working at Gillette Children’s Specialty Hospital. So happy to be going someplace whose values are better aligned with mine.
Lonely pontoon, after it’s dock was put away for the winter
Chilly mornings are perfect for warm blankets and puppy cuddles
Just went through my first job interviews in about 10 years. I used to be so much better at interviewing but I am definitely out of practice.
Minnesota friends: Interested in taking a long walk for a good cause? Consider joining the 11th Annual Ultimate Hike in 2021. Hike 25.5 miles in 1 day. Raise money for CureSearch to end childhood cancer. Register for info session at…
Our newest family member: An 8-week-old French Bulldog. Name has not yet been settled.
Republicans Will Get What They Deserve At some point in the future — perhaps as soon as next January — the Democrats will control the presidency and both houses of Congress. When that time comes, it seems likely that the Democrats will use their power to remake government in a way that is structurally advantageous to the Democratic Party. Whether by ending the filibuster, granting statehood to Washington DC and Puerto Rico, or stacking the Supreme Court, the Democrats will do things that Republicans feel are unfair.

Thank you, NFL Players

People who booed last night during a moment of silent unity, and the people nationwide who support those who were booing, need to look in the mirror at what they have become. Your complaints have never been about respecting the flag. Your complaints have never been about the national anthem or supporting the troops. Your complaints have never been about anything worth defending. Your complaints have been because you don’t like the fact that these young men are raising uncomfortable truths.
I completed my first Ultimate Hike event for CureSearch this weekend. It was such a fabulous experience, raising money for a good cause (pediatric cancer research). I strongly recommend joining a future event if you can.
T takes in the Cascade River trail, near Lake Superior in MN
Gooseberry Falls - Always a family favorite when we’re up on the North Shore
Heading up to the North Shore of Lake Superior tomorrow. It’s a magical place.
In 5 days I will be departing at 4:15 AM on a 25.5 mile hike along Minnesota’s Superior Hiking Trail. I hope my knees survive through the day.
Kellyanne Conway - coiner of the “alternative facts” white house defense - is leaving the administration. Hard to tell if that is a sign of continued implosion of this administration, or if it is something less consequential.
Sad to learn that the cute little chipmunk that had fallen into our clothes dryer vent got stranded there and died. We had dropped a rope down, hoping it would be able to climb out and escape, but our olfactory systems informed us this morning that it hadn’t.
This girl got her driving permit today: It was a little nerve-wracking being in the car with her, especially as she navigated her first roundabout. But she made it through without hitting anything, and I guess you’ve got to start somewhere.
Hiked 18 miles (29 km) yesterday, working my way up to 25.5 miles (41 km) at the CureSearch Ultimate Hike on the Superior Hiking Trail August 29. Looking forward to the big day, but dang my feet and knees are not happy with all of this work.
Struggling a bit here on mb to find the kinds of posts/discussion I am really looking for in social media. Facebook and Twitter have their flaws, to be sure. But at least I know how to find discussions of relevant topics - mostly those topics categorized as “political”
Glad that Biden picked Kamala Harris. As much as I would love to see a more progressive choice, I do believe that this ticket provides the best chances of defeating Trump. And that is what really matters the most.
If Ilhan Omar loses the Democratic primary in Minnesota’s 5th tomorrow, be prepared for months or more of Trump gloating and taking credit for her loss. I like much of what Melton-Meaux (Omar’s opponent) has to say, but not sure I can handle the Trump revelry if Omar goes down.
My penultimate long-distance training hike in preparation for the “Ultimate Hike” weekend later this month. Next week is an 18 mile training hike, then a couple down weeks to recuperate before doing 25.5 miles on Minnesota’s Superior Hiking Trail.
If Trump wants to ban TikTok in the US unless it can be sold to an American company, does that it means it is OK for other governments to demand the same for US companies trying to do business abroad?