June 19, 2018

Seeking Server-side Swift Advice

I am considering a new hobby development project. It is likely to be primarily server-side code - an API with some kind of persistent storage, a web app that interacts with the API to get data, etc.

I’d like to do the server-side code in Swift if possible, probably using a web framework like Vapor or something similar if anything similar exists. Any advice or experiences you’d care to share about my options?

I’ve done lots of REST APIs so I am pretty competent in that area, but I am considering the idea of a GraphQL interface rather than traditional REST calls. Please chime in if you have any experience, positive or negative, on that front.

I’m also looking for ideas about the persistent storage layer. I’ve got loads of experience with RDBS-based persistence so I could certainly use SQLite or PostgreSQL. I’ve also done some ElasticSearch work but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea for a Swift-based project. Are there other persistence solutions that you developers out there recommend I consider? Any specific NoSQL technologies that you’ve had some success with?

No right or wrong answers here - just looking for ideas and feedback before I get too attached to any one approach.