May 23, 2018

After watching Cantare at the Ordway tonight, I am reminded that America is at its best when it honors and embraces other cultures rather than vilifying those cultures and trying to keep them away.

Tonight I saw hundreds of kids with different ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds on stage together. Those kids were all enjoying their part in a show that celebrates the music and culture of Mexico. I suspect that not one of those kids was worried that honoring Mexican culture would diminish the value of their own culture in some way.

Tonight I saw hundreds of kids singing songs in Spanish without any fear of being told that “We speak English in this country.” These kids seem to innately understand that we can respect those who speak another language, and don’t need to lash out at others who either can’t or don’t speak English at all times.

This kind of thing is truly “Making America Great Again”. It is the polar opposite of what Trump and his supporters mean when they say MAGA.