September 11, 2020

Thank you, NFL Players

People who booed last night during a moment of silent unity, and the people nationwide who support those who were booing, need to look in the mirror at what they have become.

Your complaints have never been about respecting the flag. Your complaints have never been about the national anthem or supporting the troops. Your complaints have never been about anything worth defending.

Your complaints have been because you don’t like the fact that these young men are raising uncomfortable truths. You want to be entertained, and you don’t like it when your entertainers express their not-so-entertaining opinions.

You are of course entitled to your opinions. If you are so turned off by NFL players taking a stand. please turn off the TV and walk away. The league will be temporarily hurt by the loss of TV revenue, but that pain will pass as a newer, more socially-aware generation becomes fans.

Bravo, NFL teams and players for everything you are doing now to keep raising awareness. I will enthusiastically watch more games, spend more money on your products, and pass on my love of the game to my daughters so that the next generation of fans is bigger, and better, than the current one.

Black Lives Matter - If you can’t get behind that sentiment, then the NFL is better without you as a fan.